Dredging 2015


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Technical Program

Click on a presentation below to view or download it. The conference proceedings report (containing all presentations) is available for download in a lower resolution pdf (zip file, 262 MB) or a higher resolution pdf (zip file, 560 MB).

Tues 20 Oct


Track A - Scarborough 1

Track B - Scarborough 2

Track C - Scarborough 3

Track D - Scarborough 4

10:30 to 12:00

Session 1A - Moderator Mike Ciarlo

Session 1B - Moderator Gary Loveland

Session 1C - Moderator Jim Clausner

Session 1D - Moderator Paul Fuglevand


A History of the Savannah River (pdf, 1.02 MB) by Jason O'Kane

Utilization of Acoustic Telemetry to Monitor Fish Response to Dredging in a Shoal Habitat (pdf, 1.88 MB) by Jennifer Culbertson

Towards Sustainable Solution for Sedimentation Problem in Bengkulu Port (pdf, 8.59 MB) by Apriyanto Kosindratno

The Owner's Perspective; Risk, Stakeholder Involvement and Remedy Selection (pdf, 2.03 MB) by Brian Anderson


The Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (pdf, 3.00 MB) by Spencer Davis

Effects of Suspended Sediment on Early Life Stages of Smallmouth Bass (pdf, 1.82 MB) by Burton Suedel

A Lawyer's Update on Sustainable Dredged Material Management in NY and NJ (pdf, 8.31 MB) by Matthew Jokajtys

Duwamish Waterway Early Action - Engineering Perspective - R1 to Implementation (pdf,4.89 MB) by Robert Webb


Savannah Harbor Expansion Project - Simulating Future Conditions in the Harbor (pdf, 2.92 MB) by Steven Davie

Oil Spill Response and Residuals Remediation in Freshwater Marsh Environment, AR (pdf, 2.05 MB) by Sarah Greenfield

Dredging and Beach Nourishment: A sustainable sediment Management Approach in Costa da Caparica Beach, Portugal (pdf, 8.52 MB) by Celso Pinto

Duwamish Waterway Early Action - Implementation - Lessons Learned, NEWT and Adaptive Management from the Engineer in the Cab by Teal Dreher [no presentation file available]


Georgia Ports Authority - Preparing for the Future (pdf, 6.06 MB) by James McCurry, Jr

Readily Biodegradable Solutions Meet Regulatory Challenges for Dredging Operators (pdf, 1.49 MB) by Matt Houston

Sustainably Managing Sediments in the Face of Climate Change (pdf, 2.35 MB) by David Moore

Boeing Plant 2 Sediment Remedial Investigation and Geospatial Modeling (pdf, 3.13 MB) by Clifford Whitmus





Natural Resource Damage Compensatory Mitigation Integrated with Sediment Cleanup (pdf, 3.31 MB) by Clifford Whitmus

12:00 to 1:30

Lunch in the Exhibit Hall

1:30 to 3:00

Session 2A - Moderator Jamie Beaver

Session 2B - Moderator Don Hayes

Session 2C - Moderator Anne Cann

Session 2D - Moderator Jason Ball


Florida Inland Navigation District Dredged Material Management Planning (pdf, 2.58 MB) by William Aley

Better than Expected: Water Quality Monitoring Results from Dredging and Bridge Construction Activities, Weymouth, MA by Maria Hartnett [no presentation file available]

Sediment is not a Problem (pdf, 3.76 MB) by Dr. Dietrich Bartelt

Understanding your reference datum - it can be a cost saver! (pdf, 1.59 MB) by Laura Rear McLaughlin


Confined Disposal on Lake Erie: An Urban Landscape Perspective (pdf, 20.2 MB) by Sean Burkholder

Environmental Monitoring and Control of Sediments around Dredging and Reclamation Works, UK (pdf, 1.17 MB) by Kevin Black

Long-term Turbidity Changes as a result of Deepening and Sediment Disposal (pdf, 1.46 MB) by Dirk Sebastiaan van Maren

Obtaining a Federal Assumption of Maintenance for Channels in a Wetland Environment (pdf, 943 KB) by Joseph Berlin


Dredging Operations and the Potential Impacts of Underwater Sound (pdf, 1.17 MB) by Philip Spadaro

Evaluating Impacts of Ocean Disposal of Dredged Material on Essential Fish Habitat in SE US by Christopher McArthur [no presentation file available]

The Coast Guard Waterways Program as it relates to Dredging and Public Interaction by LT Christopher McElvaine [no presentation file available]

Construction Aspects of Deepening and Widening the Bayport and Barbours Ship Channels (pdf, 6.70 MB) by Ashley Judith


Beneficial Use of Dredged Material from the Savannah River - Offshore Island construction (pdf, 2.93 MB) by Lyle Maciejewski

Addressing Potential Risks to Human Health and the Env. from Dredged Material Disposal with Models (pdf, 1.08 MB) by Jason Seitz

Nautical Depth for US Navigable Waterways: A Review (pdf, 2.95 MB) by William McAnally


3:00 to 3:30

Refreshment Break

3:30 to 5:00

Session 3A - Moderator Walter Dinicola

Session 3B - Moderator Don Hayes

Session 3C - Moderator Anne Cann

Session 3D - Moderator Kelly Barnes


Ground Improvement for Redevelopment of Former CDF for Boutique Hotel (pdf, 4.51 MB) by Aaron Goldberg

Egmont Key Beneficial Reuse for Purposeful Placement of High Silt Dredged Material (pdf, 12.2 MB) by Coraggio Maglio

Monitoring and Adaptive Management in Dredging Projects (pdf, 910 KB) by James Matt Jury

Recovery of the CSS Georgia, Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (pdf, 9.97 MB) by Stephen James


Innovations in Dredged Material Management on the Great Lakes (pdf, 6.94 MB) by David Bowman

Port Miami Phase III: Environmental Monitoring, mitigation and a dash of dredging (pdf, 5.94 MB) by Martha Robbart

Facilitating Access to Dredging Information: 2 Case Studies (pdf, 1,71 MB) by Dawn Smorong

A Cultural Landscape Approach to Sustaining Port Historic Resources (pdf, 4.23 MB) by Ellen Johnck


PSDDF for Confined Disposal and Coastal Restoration (pdf,1.83 MB) by Navid Jafari

PortMiami Phase III: Mitigative Artificial Reefs for a Post-Panamax Port (pdf, 38.4 MB) by Jesse Davis

Sediment Management Strategies: Understanding the Role of Ambient Levels in Beneficial Reuse (pdf, 2.19 MB) by Bridgett DeShields

Fig Island, South Carolina: A meeting of the Minds on Archaeology and Navigation by Susan Durden [no presentation file available]


Commencement Bay Superfund Multiple CDFs - Designs and Longterm Performance Evals (pdf, 4.55 MB) by Philip Spadaro

Can Coral Reefs and Large-Scale Dredging Projects Coincide? (pdf, 3.10 MB) By William Precht

Substrates, Sediments, and Sturgeon at Savannah Harbor (pdf, 9.39 MB) by Jason Evert

Harbor Planning and Beneficial Use Strategy fro a Cultural Resource Perspective: Mobile Harbor by Allen Wilson [no presentation file available]

Wednesday 21 Oct

8:30 to 10:00

Session 4A - Moderator - Ken Potrykus

Session 4B - Moderator Dan Berlin

Session 4C - Moderator Edmond Russo

Session 4D - Moderator Alan Fowler


Deepening of the Intracoastal Waterway in Palm Beach County, Florida (pdf,3.07 MB) by Lori Brownell

The Eau Gallie River and Elbow Creek Muck Dredging Project, design, permitting (pdf, 4.77 MB) by Jonathan Armbruster

Risk Management for Navigation Dredging (pdf, 1.54 MB) by Burton Suedel

Strategic Defense of the Mississippi River Delta, dredging a new river outlet to the Gulf (pdf, 3.09 MB) by Nicholas DeGennaro


Managing Dredging Works on the Tidal River Thames (pdf, 3.95 MB) by Josh Harris

Great Lakes Dredged Material Used for Habitat Creation/Restoration Projects (pdf, 2.22 MB) by Gene Clark

Dredging Around Sensitive Areas and Species: PIANC WGs 108, 157, 170 (pdf, 2.97 MB) by James Matt Jury

Dredging Without a Dredge; the Bedload Collector, an Innovative sediment Mgt method (pdf, 5.28 MB) by Tim Welp


Streamlined Development of Improved Air Pollutant Emissions Estimates, the Dredge Emissions Calculator (pdf, 2.33 MB) by Tim Stoeckenius

Adjusted Approach and Sed. Core Re-sampling to Improve performance at Hudson River (pdf, 11.9 MB) by Mark Surette

Working with Nature for Sustainable Practice (pdf, 488 KB) by Paul Scherrer

Quantifying the Resilience of Beaches Restored Through Dredging by John Headland [no presentation file available]


NEPA, Suggested Process Improvements for Large and Complex Projects (pdf, 2.16 MB) by David Moore

Dredging Works! Precision Methods for Contaminated Sediment (pdf,8.23 MB)by Connor Lamb

Ecosystem Goods and Services Related to Dredging and Navigation (pdf, 3.88 MB) by Filip Vandeputte

Port of Kalama, a New Approach to Maintenance Dredging and Placement of Dredged Material (pdf, 6.21 MB) by John Dawson

10:00 to 10:30

Refreshment Break

10:30 to 12:00

Session 5A - Moderator Ken Potrykus

Session 5B - Moderator Rich Weber

Session 5C - Moderator Edmond Russo



Is Greater Scientific Understanding of Dredging env. Impacts that inform regulations outpacing the ability of tech. to mitigate? By Tom Wang [no presentation file available]

The Use of sub-bottom profiling in refining dredge cuts for a large scale sediment remediation project (pdf,3.69 MB) by Matt Graham





Panel Discussion: The Future of Risk Management Practice



Innovative Methods for Assessing Impacts and Mitigation for Dredging and In-water construction (pdf, 3.83 MB) by Kaitlin McCormick

The Real Cost of Sediment Remediation - An Examination of Cost Considerations for remedy selection (pdf, 1.20 MB) by Reid Carscadden



The Permitting Journey to Deepening and Widening a Fed. Navigation Channel (pdf, 2.59 MB) by Carl Sepulveda

Logical Progression in Remediation of Contaminated Sediments (pdf, 2.74 MB) by Anna Knox




Risk Allocation in Dredging: Common Misperceptions (pdf, 1.06 MB) by Jelle Prins


12:00 to 1:30

Lunch in the Exhibit Hall

1:30 to 3:00

Session 6A - Moderator Rob O'Neal

Session 6B - Moderator Phil Spadaro

Session 6C - Moderator Mark Gravelding

Session 6D - Moderator Steve Shaw


Ports and Environmental Activism: Lessons Learnt from Great Barrier Reef Debate (pdf, 2.51 MB) by Paul Doyle

Maintenance vs Environmental Dredging at US Navy Installations - Parallel Universes? (pdf, 3.74 MB) by David Moore

Dredging of the Historical Cedar Bayou Tidal Inlet on the Texas Gulf Coast (pdf, 6.63 MB) by Aaron Horine

Codevelopment and pilot demo of USACE enterprise tools, Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (pdf, 3.76 MB) by Edmond Russo


Solving Complex Problems Through Communication, reaching consensus with a stakeholder model (pdf, 1.89 MB) by Gene Clark

A Screening Approach for Dredged Disposal Alternatives in Long Island Sound (pdf, 4.30 MB) by Lisa Lefkovitz

Using Engineering with Nature to Create River Island Habitat in Coastal Louisiana (pdf, 3.42 MB) by Cynthia Banks

Modeling Sea Turtle Nesting Habitat to Support USACE Operations and Planning (pdf, 2.33 MB) by Coraggio Maglio


Hurricane Sandy Dredging Projects: Sand and More (pdf, 7.82 MB) by Kenneth Goldberg

Integrated Navigational and Cleanup Dredging Proj. Devpt for Howards Bay, Superior, WI (pdf, 2.08 MB) by Sarah Hill

Measuring and Monitoring Hydrologic and Sediment Dynamics in Wetlands (pdf, 1.74 MB) by David Perkey

City of Renton Seaplane Base Maintenance Dredging, Challenges, (pdf, 4.56 MB) by John Dawson


The Evolving World of Public Involvement - What was a Luxury is now a Necessity (pdf, 18.3 MB) by Joan Gerhardt

Digital Tools for Optimizing Federal Dredging Dollars (pdf, 1.50 MB) by James Clausner

La Quinta Channel Extension and Ecosystem Restoration (pdf, 4.85 MB) by Mark Coyle

A New Day is Dawning for Beneficial Reuse in San Francisco Bay, CA (pdf, 3.15 MB) by Ellen Johnck

3:00 to 3:30

Refreshment Break




3:30 to 5:00

Session 7A - Moderator Joan Gerhardt

Session 7B - Moderator Mark Gravelding

Session 7C - Moderator Andrew Timmis



Dredgefest (pdf, 49.7 MB) by Rob Holmes and Sean Burkholder

Dredging for Coastal Resilience (pdf, 4.76 MB) by Todd Bridges

Remediation Dredging - Solidifying Sediment for Landfill Disposal (pdf, 1.46 MB) by Gary Loveland



Community Outreach: A Success Story (pdf, 2.09 MB) by Rob Reed

Cameron Parish Shoreline Restoration Beach Nourishment Project (pdf, 36.3 MB) by Casey Connor

Challenges and Solutions in Managing Long Term Maintenance Dredging Needs (pdf, 1.98 MB) by Josh Gravenmier



Boating Facility Dredging on Columbia River Hydroelectric Projects (pdf, 7.59 MB) by Aaron Horine

Using Dredged Material to Enhance Coastal Resiliency at 2 Marsh Demo Sites in NJ (pdf, 3.92 MB) by Candice Piercy

Cycle Analysis in the DQM Viewer (pdf, 902 KB) by Maya Whitmont



Managing Mercury Contamination in Mike Pusich Douglas Harbor, Juneau, AK (pdf, 1.14 MB) by Tim Hammermeister

Beneficial Reuse of Dredged Material for Sea Level Rise Adaptation in SW Brooklyn (pdf, 4.54 MB) by Robert Daoust

Lessons Learned from Coastal Beneficial Use Features in Galveston Bay (pdf, 1.17 MB) by Georganna Collins


Thursday 22 October

8:30 to 10:00

Session 8A - Moderator Tim Welp

Session 8B - Moderator Peggy Derrick

Session 8C - Moderator Matt Woltman



Reducing Maintenance Dredging Costs in Mud Environments: the Rheocable Method (pdf, 6.23 MB) by Peteralv Brabers

Morrow Lake and Delta Area Dredging Operations on the Kalamazoo River (pdf, 3.76 MB) by Rich Walsh

Rapid, in-situ dewatering of Dredge Impoundments (pdf, 7.74 MB) by Leon Munro



Integrated Sediment Dispersion Modeling (pdf, 2.60 MB) by Jordan Matthiew

Sed-Vac - An Innovative Sediment Removal Technology (pdf, 6.90 MB) by Gary Loveland

Innovative Free Fall Sediment Profiler for Determining Nautical Depth (pdf, 2.98 MB) by Koen Geirnaert



Barged Sediments Disposal Modal for the Assessment of Open Water Disposal (pdf, 1.38 MB) by Jenn Wei Er

Dredging and Dewatering at the Roebling Steel Co. Superfund Site (pdf, 11.1 MB) by Steve Shaw

Evaluating Long term effects of dredging in estuaries: A Dutch Approach (pdf, 1.38 MB) by Dirk Sebastiaan van Maren



Capitalizing on Spatial Technologies in Dredging Operations: A Case Study (pdf, 3.35 MB) by Brandan Scully

Coupling Multivariate Statistics and Geochemical Fingerprinting Techniques in Calumet Harbor (pdf, 248 MB) by Jennifer Seiter

Beneficial Use and Sustainable Sediment Management in the Pacific NW (pdf, 1.84 MB) by Nicole LaFranchise, Halah Voges


10:00 to 10:30

Refreshment Break

10:30 to 12:00

Session 9A - Moderator Barry Holiday

Session 9B - Moderator Steve Shaw




The Use of Enhanced Geophysical Methods on Dredging Projects: Aquares Resistivity Method (pdf, 11.0 MB) by Peteralv Brabers

Phase 1B Esquimalt Graving Dock Waterlot Remediation Design and Construction (pdf, 4.63 MB) by Dan Berlin




The Delft Head Loss & Limit Deposit Velocity Model (pdf, 2.61 MB) by Robert Ramsdell

Esquimalt Graving Dock Waterlot South Jetty Demolition and Remediation Design Challenges (pdf, 2.08 MB) by Matthew Woltman




Navigating the Muddy Waters of Dredging Sediment from Stormwater Ponds (pdf, 5.17 MB) by Steve Klein, Candice Kantor

Temporal Signature of Government Policy Effects on Sediment Remediation (pdf, 860 KB) by Mark Chappell





Feasibility Study Volume Estimation for Contaminated Sediments: Modeling Tools, lessons (pdf, 6.16 MB) by Michael Ciarlo



12:00 to 2:00

Public-Private Partnerships (P3) for the Nation's Inland Marine Transportation System - Focus on Dredging



Dennis Lambert, P.E. COWI North America, Inc.

Edward Belk, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Whitford Remer, American Society of Civil Engineers

Richard Ornitz, Infralynx Capital